Capcom On Ultra SFIV’s PC Netcode: “New Steam network API should help improve matters”

Since its migration to Steamworks, Super Street Fighter 4: Arcade Edition and Ultra Street Fighter 4 have been plagued with network issues. And yesterday Capcom commented on those issues, explaining the situation, and providing some ways via which PC gamers can improve things.

As Capcom claimed, the game’s netcode issues are really complex and cannot be exclusively pinned down to the game code or the Steam client.

Question of course is why the GFWL version worked fine and was not plagued by all those issues. Capcom did not comment on this. Instead, the team provided some tips via which the online experience can be improved.

According to Capcom, Valve recently made some tweaks to the network API that should help improve matters. Therefore, PC gamers should opt to the beta version of Steam’s new client.

“We recommend Street Fighter players update their Steam client to the latest beta version with the improved P2P netcode. You can opt in to Beta by selecting Settings –> Account –> Beta participation –> Change… –> Steam Beta Update. Another tweak that may also help reduce the stalling effect is to reduce the “Max pings / minute” settings to 1500 or less in the Steam Settings Menu. The option can be found under Settings –> In-Game –> In-Game server browser: Max pings / minute.”

Enjoy and stay tuned for more!