Call of Duty: Ghosts – Crackers Find A Way To Bypass The Game’s 6GB RAM Requirement

Call of Duty Ghosts v2

And it only took crackers a couple of hours to unlock Call of Duty: Ghosts’ idiotic RAM requirement. Though for obvious reasons we can’t share the file or tell you from where to download it, we can hint by saying that you should google the game’s title accompanied with the RAMFix word. With this workaround, those owning 4GB of RAM will be able to enjoy the game. Do note that with this workaround, the minimum RAM requirement for COD: Ghosts is 4GB (so if you own a 2GB PC system, you won’t be able to launch it).

At this point I have to wonder why on Earth did Activision and Infinity Ward do such a thing. Why did they lock the game when it’s pretty obvious that it is not using more than 2GB of RAM? What’s the reason behind this ridiculous requirement? And why on Earth do we have to rely on crackers to play the damn games? Why a pirated version of a game is better than its legit one?

We’ve also included below a video, showcasing the PC version of COD: Ghosts running with Ultra settings (courtesy of VitalSyntax).


Call of Duty Ghosts - PC Max Settings (Ultra Graphics 1080p HD)