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Brutal Doom V20b + Hell on Earth Starter Pack (32 New Levels) Are Now Available

Doom fans, here is something for you today. Modder ‘SGtMarkIV’ released the new V20b version of his amazing mod for Doom, Brutal Doom. This new version of Brutal Doom will feature destroyable bodies & gib physics, as well as huge performance improvements.

In addition, SGtMarkIV the Hell on Earth Starter Pack for Brutal Doom. This pack comes with 32 new levels that were specifically designed for Brutal Doom.

Do note that this pack does not work with Doom 1, Ultimate Doom or Freedoom Phase 1. You will need either Doom 2, Final Doom or Freedoom Phase 2. You should also set Doom 2 as the IWAD and the Starter Pack as a pwad.

Those interested can download Brutal Doom V20b from here and the Hell on Earth Starter Pack from here.

Have fun!

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