Brutal Doom V1.9 Has Been Released

Brutal Doom v2

Modder ‘Sergeant_Mark_IV’ has finally released the latest version of his amazing brutal mod for id Software’s classic shooter. This new version of Brutal Doom comes with new fatalities, new smoke effects, improved blood decals, much improved melee combat, new animations for a number of enemies, and adds sticky gibs. Brutal Doom is by far the best mod we’ve ever seen for Doom, so make sure to give it a go. You can find a download link – as well as its complete changelog – below.

Those interested can download Brutal Doom from here.

Brutal Doom V1.9 Changelog:

– Sticky gibs added.
– Dozens of new death animations and multilations for almost every monster.
– Removed vertical recoil for minigun’s primary fire.
– Fixed a bug causing the minigun to spend one bullet without actually firing anything at the start of the fire animation.
– New smoke effects.
– Better sprites for smashed brain pieces.
– New sprites for the Plasma Rifle and new alternate attack.
– Improved blood decals.
– Fixed a bug causing barrels to dont cause damage when exploding over a liquid surface.
– Improved Lost Soul’s death.
– Fixed dynamic lights for some projectiles.
– When a burning zombie runs into an explosive barrel, the barrel will always explode.
– The flying bodies of zombies and imps killed by explosives will now cause area damage.
– Added The “Super Marines”. They will follow you everywhere, and if they get too far, they will teleport next to you. They will talk to you. They will give you items. They will salute you if you salute them. They are supposed to follow you into other levels.
Sometimes they will fail to know where you are and teleport next to you. This usually happens if you enter a teleport while they were standing next to you and not moving.
– Added localized damage on legs for zombies and imps. Now legs amputations happens when you actually shot their legs, and not randomly. But shooting legs now deals less damage.
– Fatalities are now much faster, and will give 50% less health. But now the health given by these adrenaline boosts can go over 100%.
– Super shotgun can kill Cacodemons with a single shoot at point-blank range and Hell Knights with a shoot to the face, but now it requires more time to reload.
– During the “Revenant Baseball” fatality, the player can aim at an enemy during the fatality and kill it with the revenant head.
– New animations: Hell Nobles will roar at the player when spoted.
– Fixed a bug causing sticky gibs to spawn far away from the wall.
– Further improved smashed brain sprites.
– Much improved melee combat.
– Burning barrels can be used as a weapon; it can be kicked, and its burning fuel will lit the ground, dealing heavy damage on enemies.
– Integrated Perkristian’s HD sounds.
– New gibs for players that now have the correct color translation.
– Added bouncecounts to all bouncing objects to prevent infinite bounce loop on elevators.
– non-interactive gib pieces disappears after 2000 tics to prevent fps drops.
– Finally fixed the “spinning heads” bug.
– Added floor and ceiling decals for rockets.
– Improved the “aftermath” of all explosions.
– Fixed a bug causing barrels to still have colision even after it exploded.
– Fixed a bug causing revenant rockets to instantly explode on spawn when a revenant was too close of a wall.
– Fixed a bug causing the Baron of Hell to spawn wrong gibs after his head is destroyed.
– Cacodemons can be set on fire.
– FIxed a bug causing some actors to behave weirdly underwater.
– Improved chainsaw.
– Revenant Missile Launcher primary attack will not fire when not targeting an enemy. Use alt fire for a free fire mode.
– Nerfed Super Shotgun (increased spread and reload time).
– Nazis and Commander Keen upgrades removed because it was breaking compatibility with wads using DEHACKED.
– Cyberdemon will need to take 12 rocket headshots instead of 8 to die quickly.
– Improved stealth kill sprites.
– Improved Revenant’s blood, gib pieces, and now it acts like a real undead creature (you must destroy its torso or head to stop him. He will still able to fight after you destroy his legs)
– Added more brains to Imp’s curbstomp fatality.
– Fixed a bug causing shotgunguys and chaingunguys to not drop weapons after a Stealth Kill.
– Fixed a bug causing the Rocket Launcher to do no splash damage when a rocket exploded on a ceiling.
– FIxed a bug causing some projectiles to unable to hit the head of a Mastermind.
– Fixed a bug that wouldn’t make zombiemen be set on fire by imp fireballs.
– Fixed a bug causing the assault rifle to bug when you tryied to reload the weapon with a full clip while aiming down the sights.
– Explosive Barrels will no longer explode when hit by punches, kicks, or lost soul attacks.
– Fixed a bug allowing the player to do punches while in a fatality.
– Improved deaths when enemies are killed by kicks on berserk state.
– Punches will no longer force the player to stop and face the target.
– Imps can swim underwater.
– Killing an enemy with a freezing weapon will cause it to have a new death animation.
– Improved zombieman and shotgunguy curbstomps, and added more brains.
– Revenant Missile Launcher only fires when it has a valid target.
– Changed the way that mancubus fireball behaves; now it will explode on impact, launching burning fuel in all directions.
– When an enemy is kicked or tossed away by explosions, it will able to hurt other enemies and infight.
– New guts looks much better now.
– Fixed stealth monsters.
– Added horizontal cut death animation for Demons.
– So many minor fixes that I even forgot to list.

Brutal Doom v19 "Forever" Trailer