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BOUNDARY is a new multiplayer first-person shooter in space with amazing physics-based destruction

Surgical Scalpels has officially announced its new first-person shooter in space that has physics-based destruction, BOUNDARY. BOUNDARY is a multiplayer tactical space-based shooter that puts players in the role of a heavily armed astronauts in space engaging in fierce zero gravity firefights.

The game will feature fully customizable loadouts, weapons and ammo types across 6 classes of Astronaut for players to choose from in multiple game modes. And to be honest, BOUNDARY looks like an evolved version of Shattered Horizon; a DX10 game that came out exclusively on the PC (and I was a huge fun of it).

The modes that will be available are Free For All, Team Deathmatch, Facility Capture, and Orbital Purge modes. Facility Capture and Orbital Purge are based around Domination and Elimination gameplay, and multiplayer matches are designed to incorporate aggressive combat and quick gameplay mechanics.

A variety of multiplayer maps are planned for Boundary and will include a solar farm, museum, circular complex, orbital fuel station and a spacecraft debris field. Further details and a closer look at these locations will be revealed this year at Gamescom 2019.

According to the team, weapons will be integral to the game and are based on modern tactical weaponry. Weapons range from percussion hammers and lances to more lethal assault weapons, machine pistols, sniper rifles and rocket launches. Astronauts will be able to maneuver in space with the help of EVA packs (jetpacks) that can be modified to carry an array of countermeasures and offensive weapons. Almost every aspect of a weapon can be customized with scopes, grips, barrels, magazines and stocks. There will also be 6 classes players can choose from and 3 EVA packs to customize from light, medium and heavy.

Last but not least, ammunition loadouts can also be customized and the game promises to feature a progression system that will allow players to augment their basic skill sets over time.

BOUNDARY will be coming first on PS4 but it will also release on the PC at a later date.


BOUNDARY Official Teaser Trailer