Borderlands 3 will feature microtransactions for cosmetics, 45 minutes of gameplay footage revealed

Gearbox has announced that Borderlands 3 will feature micro-transactions for cosmetic items. Randy Pitchford and Paul Sage made it clear that the game won’t have any “pay-to-win microtransactions” that can give gameplay advantages to those that acquire them.

As Randy Pitchford said:

“As you can plainly see, we’ve made a commitment to what Borderlands is and supposed to be. We’ve made a commitment to the story, style and design that our fans have told us loud and clear that they cherish and want us to preserve in Borderlands 3. There is no microtransaction-y, free-to-play kind of stuff.

We’re gonna do some kickass campaign DLC. And I’m sure we’re going to do all kinds of fun customizations like heads and skins, but we’re not doing any of that free-to-play junk.”

So yeah, while players will be able to buy cosmetics, there won’t be any purchasable items that can affect the actual gameplay.

Moreover, you can find below a video showing 45 minutes of gameplay footage from Borderlands 3 so go ahead and take a look!

BORDERLANDS 3 - First Gameplay 45 Minutes Demo Walkthrough (2019)

Borderlands 3 - Gameplay Trailer 2