Blood: Dead on Arrival is a total conversion for GZDoom that mashes up Doom with Blood

Modder ‘MrFroz’ has released a total conversion mod for GZDoom that brings together two classic first-person shooters; Doom and Blood. Blood: Dead on Arrival features eight levels and two secret levels, an arsenal of Blood’s weapons mixed in with some fun surprises like molotovs and an M60 and a combination of DOOM and Blood enemies.

All stages are original, featuring some nice little touches such as a few 3D floors and moving water. This total conversion mod also comes with some mini game like battle bosses, make a last stand, and get stalked by an unkillable enemy in these six remixed stages.

We strongly suggest giving this a go, especially if you are fans of both Blood and Doom. You can download the mod from here.

Have fun!