Blizzard Began with a Small Loan of $15,000

Blizzard being one of the biggest titan companies on the planet at the moment for game development all comes back to a small loan of $15,000 from Co-founder Mike Morhaimes grandmother.

Morhaime said in a pre-BlizzCon stream that him and Allen Adham both contributed $10,000 and in order for him to acquire his $10,000 he had to borrow it from his grandmother.

“Allen Adham and I each contributed $10,00,┬áIn order to get my $10,000, I borrowed $15,000 from my grandmother. She didn’t charge me any interest, that was very nice of her. Before we had any games, before we had actually done anything, this was basically the doors opening and us starting out.”

It’s fairly crazy to think that companies such as Apple, Microsoft and Blizzard all started from a garage somewhere and now we see them as the titan companies they are today. Blizzard joining the small crowd raking in a record of $1.631 billion in net revenue for Activisions Q2’17 earnings. This just goes to show that dreams can be made, sometimes all you need is a kind grandma and the guts to take a leap of faith into the development world.

Source: Tweak Town