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Bleak Faith: Forsaken accused of stealing animations from Elden Ring, developer responds

Bleak Faith: Forsaken is a new Souls-like game that recently came out on PC. However, people have accused the developers of stealing animations from Elden Ring, which prompted Archangel Studios to comment on those allegations.

First things first. Meowmaritus, creator of the Dark Souls Anim Studio software, has shared the following video. In this video, we can clearly see the similarities of numerous animations between Bleak Faith: Forsaken and Elden Ring.

However, the developers have stated that the animations that they have used are part of an asset pack from the Epic Games Store. In fact, you can go ahead and purchase it yourselves, right now. Below you can find their full response.

So yeah, the developers are not lying here. And no, they did not use Dark Souls Anim Studio in order to rip off Elden Ring’s animations. However, given their similarities, PersiaNinja – creator of the asset pack – may have done just that.

Now I know we all love a good controversial story. However, there is no foul play here. Again, the asset pack is available for purchase as we speak, so the only ones at fault here are Epic Games and PersiaNinja (again, that is if they ripped those animations from Elden Ring/Dark Souls).