Black Mesa feature 2

Black Mesa: Xen leaves beta and has been fully released to all Early Access owners

Crowbar Collective has announced that Black Mesa: Xen has left its beta phase and has been fully released to all owners of Black Mesa. As such, PC gamers can now enjoy the complete Black Mesa/Half-Life experience on their PCs.

This public release of Black Mesa: Xen comes with numerous improvements over its beta build. For instance, the has refined the difficulty and increased player guidance. It has also fixed various bugs, and increased performance throughout the Interloper chapter.

Regarding its performance improvements, the team has optimized dynamic light settings throughout all Interloper maps. This should improve performance, particularly on lower end systems. Moreover, the team has optimized sound code for Controller energy ball attack. This will help with performance, especially when lots of Controllers are attacking you.

Crowbar Collective plans to release two more versions of Black Mesa in its current Early Access phase. In version 0.91, the team will fix any major bugs as they come up, and also implement any small quality of life changes for the levels. It will also add Achievements to the Xen levels.

The final version, version 1.0, will have a Multiplayer, AI and Workshop Pass. The team will also implement bug fixes and refinements to the entirety of the game.

Have fun!