Black Desert Online’s free expansion, Kamasylvia, releases on September 27th

PearlAbyss and Kakao Games announced today that the Kamasylvia Expansion for Black Desert Online will be launched on September 27th after that week’s maintenance cycle. According to the press release, Kamasylvia is an expansion that will be rolled out in two parts, with the second part arriving very soon.

Kamasylvia will be offered at no additional cost and hosts exciting new PvE content that continues the game’s narrative. New story quests and side missions will explore the background of the region’s native classes, such as the Ranger and Dark Knight, and their relation to the legendary Kamasylve Tree. To celebrate the new Kamasylvia region, new events such as the Alchemist of Kamasylvia and Growth of a Kamasylve Tree will help adventurers obtain extra items.

Black Desert Online’s new region, Kamasylvia, features elven woodlands that stretch out to the south of Hexe Sanctuary, from the Valtarra Mountains to the Shady Tree Forest. In terms of the landmass, the new region is about the size of Calpheon and houses an elven village known as the Old Wisdom Tree. There is no level requirement for Kamasylvia, but it is a dangerous place to go alone, so being at high level will be beneficial and group play is recommended. There is also new group-based content such as The Altar of Training that will enthuse players who are looking for some co-op action.

The Altar of Training, located deep within Kamasylvia, contains a survival mode which players can unlock once they have completed certain quests in the main storyline. Players will need to work together with their party members to defend a sacred treasure from hordes of enemies that grow stronger with each wave. A total of five waves need to be beaten before the ultimate challenge: a fight with the powerful final boss, Ancient Puturum. If successful, adventurers can gain valuable items and gear.

On top of that, players can obtain Arduanatt, a new powerful 9-tier pegasus mount. With wings, Arduanatt is the most graceful mount ever released in the Black Desert world. Its special abilities includes Wings of the Wind, which allows Arduanatt to glide in the air after a double jump.