Black Death announced for PC, PlayStation 3 and X360

Darkworks has just announced a new horror FPS game for PC, PS3 and X360. According to its Official Site, Black Death promises to become the personification of the fear generated by the recent pandemics and the mistrust which has been associated to their supposed origins. Sounds familiar? Here is a hint: Remember that catastrophic CG trailer of a Ubisoft game that hasn’t been released yet? If not, keep reading.
Darkworks is the same studio that is behind Ubisoft’s ‘I Am Alive’. These two games seem to share the same or similar catastrophic scenario. Perhaps Black Death was inspired by I Am Alive? And what will be the fate of I Am Alive?
But for now, let’s concentrate on Black Death. The company’s goal with Black Death is to go one step further by focusing the game on three essential elements: speed, fluidity and freedom of action.
The game will feature weapon customization, as players will be able to create their own chemical weapons and test them on their enemies. Players will also discover the black death evolution, will be able to control the fog and can either cure or kill the infected they meet and choose their fighting strategy.
No release date or publisher have been announced as of yet.
Stay tuned for more!