BioShock Infinite – PC Update Adds Support For The First DLC

Bioshock Infinite v6
A lot of rumors have been flying around lately about the first DLC of Bioshock: Infinite and today we got a little teaser about it. The PC version of Bioshock: Infinite has been updated and Irrational Games has added features necessary to support upcoming DLC. This obviously means that some crucial files for the first DLC have been added, and it remains to be seen whether PC gamers will be able to find them before 2K Games officially announces this DLC.
As always, this update will be auto-downloaded next time you start the Steam client.
Since the PC version has already been updated, we expect to hear some official details about it this week – and possibly tomorrow.
Stay tuned for more.
And here is the changelog for Bioshock Infinite’s latest update:
-Added features necessary to support upcoming DLC.
-Fix for issue where the navigation assist / nav aid arrow was not showing the path of jumping from the deck of the barge to the sky-line above when viewing it from the barge after the town lottery.