Bioshock Gets A Fan-Made Movie – The Brothers Rapture Trailer Released

Following the short film based on Splinter Cell: Blacklist, today we present yet another fan-made movie based on another beloved franchise, Bioshock. This movie, called The Brothers Rapture, is planned for a May 13th release and you can find below its trailer. As with the Splinter Cell: Blacklist film, we strongly suggest watching it as it does not seem like a low-budget film.
According to its description, before the underwater city of Rapture collapsed beneath itself and Splicers roamed its flooded halls, men and women thrived as they explored beyond the limits of their creative and scientific achievements. But who were they before their society crumbled around them?
Now, players can return to a corner of Rapture to uncover the story of the brothers Charles and Arthur as they come to realize the true cost of art and power without boundaries.
Enjoy, and stay tuned for the full length movie!
The Brothers Rapture: TRAILER - BioShock Short Film