BigBen confirms cancellation of the PC version for Test Drive: Ferrari Racing Legends

Bad news for PC racing fans who have been anxiously waiting for the PC version of Test Drive: Ferrari Racing Legends, as the game’s publisher BigBen has confirmed the cancellation of this specific version. Not only that, but after countless delays, the encyclopedia section of states that the PC version of this game has been cancelled, even though Atari was planning to release the game on November 30th.
We’ve contacted Atari for a comment and will update this story as soon as we hear back from them.
Developed by Slightly Mad Studios, Test Drive: Ferrari Racing Legends features 51 models that were recreated with the utmost attention to detail, with models from every era of timeless classics, like the 125 S – the first ever Ferrari – and legendary sports cars such as the anniversary model Enzo Ferrari or the 430 Scuderia Ferrari.
The game was originally meant to hit stores this June on all three major platforms (PC, PS3 and X360). Although the console versions got out, the PC version was delayed – for unknown reasons. The PC version was delayed to September 12th, then September 21st and then November 30th.