Bethesda Softworks’ Forums Hacked

We’ve just received a mail from Bethesda saying that their forum got hacked. At first we were a bit sceptical. We’ve seen similar fraud mails in the past so we decided to visit Bethesda’s forums to find out what’s going on. And well… the company’s forums have been hacked indeed.
According to Bethesda’s Community Manager, they have identified a potential breach of our forum user database that occurred Friday morning, Aug 12 and added:
“We have reset your forum password as a precaution, in the event that any encrypted forum user passwords were compromised.
When you next try to login to the forums, your old password will not work. Click the I’ve forgotten my password link above, underneath the login boxes, and follow the steps to setup a new password for your account.
We recommend you do not use your old password or a password you have used for other sites. Further, if your old forum password was used for any other online purposes, we recommend changing the password on those accounts as well.
You will also receive an email with this information, sent to the email address you registered with on the forums.”
So make sure guys to check your inboxes!