Battle Worlds: Kronos – Update 1.1 & Demo Now Available

Battle Worlds Kronos

King Art Games has released its first major update to Battle Worlds: Kronos, the company’s Kickstarter funded turn-based strategy game. Released in November, the title made good on the company’s promise to provide hours of repeatable entertainment in a DRM free package. In addition, the developer has released a demo that you can download from here.

Here is the changelog for this first update of Battle Worlds: Kronos:

Faster gameplay

-AI units now move in parallel making AI turns faster
-AI animations can now be disabled
-Units covering far distance accelerate over time

Multiplayer enhancements

-Leagues are now available for all players
-Players can collect points and gain ranks
-Players are now given a comprehensive Skill level

General fixes and optimizations

-Higher quality battle sounds for many units
-Counter-attack damage now displayed
-Revised AI algorithm for unit selection to reducing panning
-Balance tuning for numerous single-player missions
-Auto-login to multiplayer features

Battle Worlds: Kronos - release trailer