Battle Worlds: Kronos Is Now Available On PC, Linux & Mac

Battle Worlds Kronos

King Art Games has announced that Battle Worlds: Kronos is available through Steam, GOG and the game’s dedicated website. The game is available on PC, Mac and Linux, and Kickstarter backers have already received their product key via e-mail.

As the press release reads, the game is released as promised, on time and without cumbersome copy-protection (DRM). It features about 30 hours of solo gameplay and free cross-platform multiplayer. Also, buyers will get the DLC ‘Trains’ for free when it’s published early next year.

Jan Theysen, CEO of King Art Games said:

‘This is it. We have done our best to help the once-great genre of turn-based strategy make a comeback. We publish Battle Worlds as a modern take on a classic genre and a bow to our great forerunners like Battle Isle or Advance Wars. If you, like us, believe that turn-based strategy should be strong again, please support us by buying the game!’

Enjoy the game’s launch trailer below!

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