Avalanche admits that the lack of a multiplayer mode in Just Cause 2 was due to budget reasons

Avalanche Studios, the team behind Just Cause series and Renegade Ops, revealed that Just Cause 2 would have a multiplayer mode, provided the company had more budget and extra time on its hands. As Avalanche boss, Christofer Sundberg, unveiled, the company has always thought about adding an MP mode to Just Cause 2 but that was pretty hard to be implement when the game was under development. However, Sundberg confirmed that the next part of the Just Cause series will feature an MP mode from the get-go.
As Sundberg told Eurogamer in an interview:
“During the development of Just Cause 2 that discussion came so late, and with everything that was going on at Eidos and Square with the merger, it was a big decision. So we didn’t move forward with it. If we had moved forward with it, it would have been quite a large budget multiplayer component. So, for various reasons it didn’t happen. But we had it on top of our mind.”
Sundberg later on admitted that the guys behind the MP mod created something extraordinary, however stated that they could easily get away with the mod’s issues because it was just that – a mod.
“But what the guys have done now with the multiplayer mod is fantastic, and it completely came out of left field. So we have them to thank for a lot. It’s even too crazy for Just Cause. If we had done it it would have been more planned. Since it’s a mod, it’s just like DayZ, they can get away with a lot, which we wouldn’t be able to unfortunately as a developer.”
Sundberg concluded that the Just Cause series might hit next-generation platforms as – thanks to the MP mod – the future of the franchise has become even brighter.
Avalanche Studios is currently working on three triple-A games that are slated for release in 2013 and 2014.