Attack from Outer Space is a cute DXR ray tracing playable tech demo that you can download

Unreal Engine’s member ‘The_Distiller’ has released a brand new cute DXR real-time ray tracing tech demo. The_Distiller has used the latest version of Unreal Engine 4, version 4.22, in order to create a playable demo that showcases the ray tracing capabilities of Epic’s engine.

For the setting The_Distiller chose a miniature film set, built by an amateur filmmaker in the 70’s, shooting a scene for a vintage sci-fi movie in the vein of “War of the Worlds” and alike.

As said, this is a playable tech demo, meaning that players can assume the role of a Martian robot in order to wreak as much havoc as they can. Players can level an entire main street of a rural town in America and “make their fellow Martians proud.

Since there aren’t a lot of Ray Tracing tech demos out there, we are pretty sure that owners of the RTX series will appreciate this particular fan tech demo. It’s also really cute, so that’s another positive thing about it.

Those interested can download the demo for Attack from Outer Space from here.

Have fun!

Attack from Outer Space | Ray tracing tech demo | UE4