At the end of the Earth is a new total conversion mod for Crysis featuring new tech, shaders, models and more

NervenHölle-Team has released a new version of its total conversion mod for the first Crysis game, At the end of the Earth. What’s really cool here is that this total conversion is standalone, meaning that you don’t need to own a copy of Crysis in order to play it.

In At the end of the Earth, players assume the role of Sgt. Mitchell. Mitchell and his squad eventually reach the area with anomalous nature that was never seen before – “The end of the Earth”.

“This area was hidden from prying eyes by mysterious vegetation, numerous natural anomalies, frequent rains and huge mountains.

Your squad decided to stop here and deploy the military equipment to investigate this place, when the portal to another world opened out of nowhere, materializing the life forms of unknown origin. They turn out to be hostile and as a result you lose your squad due to unexpected attack.

Military forces had obtained the permission to use a nuclear weapon in this area in attempt to take the situation under control. The time is running out and you have to make your way to the evacuation point before the rescue aircraft will make one final pass and leave this place.”

The latest version of At the end of the Earth features new tech engine from Crysis Warhead, new shaders and models, fixes some landscape issues, adds new animals, removes the DX9 renderer, and packs various optimization improvements.

Those interested can download this standalone total conversion mod from here.

Here are the key features of At the end of the Earth Version 1.4.

  • New engine (Crysis Warhead).
  • New shaders
  • New models
  • Remove 2 boring-area
  • Fixed landscape
  • Fixed AK model and sounds
  • Optimisation
  • Fixed spawning issues.
  • Added new animals: rabbits, crows, cats, rats, herbivorous lizards-dinosaurs, pterodactyls, moose, dragonflies.
  • Remove Dx9 Render

NervenHölle-Team also announced that the second part of this total conversion mod, At the end of the Earth Part 2, will be coming in Q4 2018/Q1 2019. In order to celebrate this announcement, the team has also released the first screenshots from Part 2 that you can find below.