ASTA, Trinity 2, Born To Fire and Fishing Hero to make Western debut at Gamescom 2011

NHN announced today that four of their titles will make their Western debut at this year’s GamesCom. These four games are PC exclusives and according to the company, the GamesCom presentations will consist of a short video and Q&A with the games producers, to be followed by a free play session with the English versions of the games.
NHN will present ASTA, Trinity 2, Born To Fire and Fishing Hero. ASTA will be a visually stunning, full-featured AAA MMO that will be powered by CryEngine 3 and will feature varied gameplay and a captivating Asian fantasy style while Trinity 2 is a 3D side-scrolling online action RPG combining dynamic action with a vibrant, finely-detailed high-tech/fantasy theme.

Born to Fire on the other hand is promised to be a character-oriented competitive FPS focused on team play with complementary classes; data-driven balancing and clever matchmaking ramp up the fun factor and Fishing Hero will be an accessible and entertaining online fishing game featuring real-life locales, lifelike angling action and over 300 photorealistic species of fish to catch.