ArmA II: Reinforcements coming to retail from Meridian4

Meridian4 announced today that Bohemia Interactive’s new stand-alone, expansion pack, ArmA II: Reinforcements has reported for duty at retail. As an added bonus, the game available at North American retail outlets also contains the previously released Operation Arrowhead campaign and its stand-alone missions, and a detailed two-sided, printed map of the regions covered in the game.

Steve Milburn, Marketing Director of Meridian4 said:
“Bohemia Interactive delivers unparalleled detail and compelling new content to the expanding Arma world. With an arsenal full of new military assets at their disposal, we expect to see some epic online battles and creative new missions coming from the community that will excite military enthusiasts around the world.”
ArmA II: Reinforcements features two new full campaigns & numerous co-op single missions, new sophisticated weapons, vehicles and aircraft, two brand new maps with authentic terrain features, massive online battles for up to 50 players and hundreds of AI units, as well as boot camp missions, vehicle and weapons training and mod tools to create your own missions and full campaigns to play and share.