ARMA II – Cold War Rearmed 2 Modification looks amazing and has Bohemia’s approval and support

Most PC gamers are eagerly waiting for the re-release of Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis under it’s new alias, ArmA: Cold War Assault, but there is something more ambitious that comes straight from ArmA’s community.
ArmA II – Cold War Rearmed 2 is a community project to bring the ever popular Cold War Crisis and Resistance campaigns and content into ArmA II. The idea is to rework the original content to take advantage of the enhancements BIS has made to the ArmA II engine.
This community project will feature updated original OFP islands, all original vehicles from OFP with new textures, all original SP and MP missions from BIS, the whole CWC and Resistance campaigns, as well as OFP-like user interface.
This modification will be released When It’s Done (WID) and the team will try to make Cold War Rearmed 2 compatible with other Mods.
We should also note that ArmA II: Cold War Rearmed 2 has the approval and support from Bohemia Interactive.
Enjoy the following screenshot and trailer of the modification!

ARMA 2 - Cold War Rearmed 2 - MOD Promo Video