Arma 3 has sold 3 million units worldwide

Bohemia Interactive has announced that its military sim, Arma 3, has sold 3 million units worldwide. Arma 3 was officially released on September 2013 and it took Bohemia almost four years to hit its 3 million milestone.

In addition, Bohemia Interactive announced that it will release the free Arma 3 Malden DLC on June 22nd. This DLC includes a re-imagination of the classic Malden terrain featured in the very first Arma game.

Furthermore, the studio will release a new (and free) cooperative multiplayer mode, named ‘Combat Patrol’. Here, players need to accomplish various objectives as part of an infantry team, and each playthrough will be different thanks to the mode’s heavily randomized nature.

Below you can find a video showing everything that will be coming to Arma 3 in 2017.

Arma 3 - Scanning The Horizon 2017