Arcade classic ‘Bad Dudes Vs Dragon Ninja’ gets a Kickstarter sequel

Man, I feel like a little kid back at the arcades. I seriously do. First, we got you the latest news about Toki’s HD remake and now, we are happy to report that Bad Dudes gets a Kickstarter sequel. What was that? What’s Bad Dudes you ask? Shame on you. Bad Dudes (a.k.a Bad Dudes Vs Dragon Ninja) is a classic ‘1988’ beat ’em up arcade game developed and published by Data East.
Bad Dudes 2 pushes the intricate plot and extensive character development even further. The DragonNinja are back, they’ve kidnapped the president again, and it’s time for Blade and Striker to come out of retirement, get back in shape, and get bad.
Bad Dudes 2 will feature full co-op from start to finish, a slew of co-op and single player challenges outside of the campaign, online play and leaderboards. Bad Dudes 2 will feature over the top, outrageous action, and an award winning story to touch your heart.
The game is developed by Pinstripe Games and their Kickstarter aim is to raise $80K USD. So far, they’ve got $2.378 and there are 21 days left in order to achieve their goal.
Those interested can back this project up by visiting its Kickstarter campaign page!

[WHC] Bad Dudes Vs Dragon Ninja (Arcade) [HD] Part 1