Angry Birds – Coming to the PC this November

Focus Multimedia, the leading publisher of impulse price PC games and software, announced today that it will be bringing Angry Birds to the PC across the UK this November. The agreement between Rovio Entertainment and Focus Multimedia will see the original Angry Birds launched this month. Angry Birds Rio will also be available on PC in time for Christmas.
In the original Angry Birds game, players take control of a bunch of cute but angry birds who face off against hungry pigs who have stolen their eggs. The goal of the game is to shoot the birds from a slingshot and smash the pigs, using the special abilities of each bird to solve physics-based puzzles that grow more challenging as the game progresses. Each of over 300 levels require logic, skill and brute force to crush the enemy.
Alan Wild, PR and marketing manager for Focus Multimedia said:
“This is what gaming is all about. Angry Birds is fun, playable and thoroughly entertaining!”
The unique audiovisual design, intuitive game play, and high quality game content makes Angry Birds the must-have game for everyone. Angry Birds has already transformed into much more than simply a game: it’s a worldwide social and cultural phenomenon.
Angry Birds merchandise has also proven to be very popular among fans, and Rovio is in the process of creating more products to meet the consumer demand.
On sale Friday 25th November 2011 with an SRP of £10.20, Angry Birds for PC will be flying off shelves faster than a green pig off a crate of TNT. Casual gamers, rejoice!