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AMD’s 2nd generation Ryzen CPUs are coming out in April 2018, Vega 7nm GPU launches in 2018

AMD has just unveiled some interesting new information about its 2nd generation Ryzen CPUs, as well as a refresh model for its Vega GPUs. Both Zen+ and Vega 7nm are planned for a 2018 release. And even though we don’t know exactly when Vega 7nm will hit stores, we do know that AMD plans to release its new CPUs in April 2018.

According to the red team, its second generation Ryzen CPUs will be using the Zen+ architecture, will support the Precision Boost 2 tech, and will start launching in April 2018. From what we’ve heard, these new CPUs will be able to hit higher frequency clocks. However, we don’t expect major architecture changes between the first generation and this second generation of Ryzen CPUs.

Do note that this second generation Ryzen CPUs are NOT Ryzen 2 CPUs. AMD aims to release Ryzen 2 in 2019, and plans to release Ryzen 3 in 2020. Ryzen 2 will use 7nm process technology, is already complete and promises to improve on Ryzen in multiple dimensions.

Last but not least, AMD revealed that it will release some new variants of its VEGA GPUs in 2019. These new variants will be using 7nm process technology, so don’t expect major changes between the already available VEGA GPUs and these new ones. AMD plans to release NAVI in 2019 and has listed a next-gen 7nm GPU for 2020.