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AMD reports that the Windows 10 scheduler works perfectly fine for its Ryzen CPUs

A few days ago, a lot of websites claimed that the Windows 10 scheduler was not working correctly for AMD’s Ryzen CPUs. According to those reports, the underwhelming gaming performance they’ve experienced could be influenced by this potential issue. However, AMD has just revealed that the Windows 10 scheduler is working perfectly fine for its Ryzen CPUs.

As AMD claimed, the Windows 10 scheduler is working perfectly fine for its new CPUs.

“Based on our findings, AMD believes that the Windows 10 thread scheduler is operating properly for “Zen,” and we do not presently believe there is an issue with the scheduler adversely utilizing the logical and physical configurations of the architecture.”

AMD also claimed that its CPUs are working perfectly fine on both Windows 7 and Windows 10. As such, if a game is running better under Windows 7, that’s probably due to the game’s code and not because of a scheduling issue.

“We have reviewed the limited available evidence concerning performance deltas between Windows 7 and Windows 10 on the AMD Ryzen CPU. We do not believe there is an issue with scheduling differences between the two versions of Windows.  Any differences in performance can be more likely attributed to software architecture differences between these OSes.”

AMD concluded that its analysis highlights that ‘there are many applications that already make good use of the cores and threads in Ryzen, and there are other applications that can better utilize the topology and capabilities of our new CPU with some targeted optimizations.

“These opportunities are already being actively worked via the AMD Ryzen dev kit program that has sampled 300+ systems worldwide.”

What’s also interesting here is that AMD did not reveal anything at all about an upcoming AMD performance driver or any new BIOS updates that would improve performance on AMD’s latest CPUs. As such, it’s safe to say that such a driver will never be released.

Our guess is that game developers will have to release patches or re-write their engines so they can take advantage of more than four CPU cores in order to further improve performance on AMD’s Ryzen CPUs.