AMD Navi 7nm GPU’s to have Advanced AI Acceleration Hardware

AMD’s future generation of graphics cards are in the foreseeable future with a name already that is basically all we know about the GPU’s themselves until now… ‘Navi’ will also be featuring AI Acceleration Hardware.

Navi will be focusing on the power efficiency of the GPU and it is said to be believed that Navi will be the first microarchitecture GPU designed and conceived under Radeon Technologies Group Raja Koduri.

Fudzilla has released some information regarding the future of what Navi will be featuring. Something that is called ‘AI acceleration circuitry’ will be on board this new GPU but this is quite vague as there is no way to know what that actually means. This could mean anything from on-chip fabric, new ISA capabilities or perhaps even a new a separate AI acceleration engine.

Navi will be the first graphics card architecture built on GlobalFoundaries 7nm FinFET process. It is expected at the current time of writing this that Navi should drop between 2018/2019 but that is a long time away so who knows the delays AMD could face between then and now.

Source: WCCFtech


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