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AMD has announced its DLSS 3 rival, the FSR 3.0

Back when NVIDIA announced DLSS 3 with its Frame Generator, I said that this was a really smart move. I also said that AMD would be definitely following NVIDIA’s example, and it appears that I was right. During its RDNA3 presentation, the red team announced a direct rival to NVIDIA’s DLSS 3, the FSR 3.0.

AMD FSR 3.0 will feature the Fluid Motion Frame Tech, aiming to almost double the performance of FSR 2.0. This is more or less what NVIDIA is doing with its Frame Generator and DLSS 3. As such, FSR 3.0 will, theoretically, improve performance in CPU-bound games too.

AMD has not revealed any additional details about FSR 3.0. We also don’t know whether the RDNA3 GPUs will have dedicated hardware for FSR 3.0. If not, DLSS 3 may remain the king of upscaling techniques. After all, and due to its dedicated hardware, DLSS 2 is way better than FSR 2.1.

Now while we don’t have any more details to share about FSR 3.0, we do know that the tech will launch in 2023 in various games and applications.

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