AMD Explains Why Mantle Is Exclusive To PC & Not Present On Xbox One

AMD Gaming Evolved

A couple of hours ago, Microsoft revealed that Xbox One only supports DX 11.x as its API. Contrary to rumors, Xbox One does not support Mantle (or any other API like OpenGL). A lot of gamers got confused by all of this, which is why AMD decided to step in and explain things.

First of all, let’s see what Microsoft had to say about Xbox One’s API:

“The Xbox One graphics API is “Direct3D 11.x” and the Xbox One hardware provides a superset of Direct3D 11.2 functionality. Other graphics APIs such as OpenGL and AMD’s Mantle are not available on Xbox One.”

When a fan asked AMD about this whole thing, AMD confirmed that Mantle is not in consoles, and will be an exclusive API for the PC:

“What Mantle creates for the PC is a development environment that’s *similar* to the consoles, which already offer low-level APIs, close-to-metal programming, easier development and more (vs. the complicated PC environment). By creating a more console-like developer environment, Mantle: improves time to market; reduces development costs; and allows for considerably more efficient rendering, improving performance for gamers. The console connection is made because next-gen uses Radeon, so much of the programming they’re doing for the consoles are already well-suited to a modern Radeon architecture on the desktop; that continuum is what allows Mantle to exist.”

So there you have it everyone. No Mantle on consoles. Not a bad thing as the architecture of a console allows developers to ‘code to the metal’ even by using DX11.x, something that is obviously not possible on the PC.

AMD promised to reveal more about Mantle next month, so stay tuned for more!