Air Conflicts: Pacific Carriers – Release Date Revealed

European publisher and distributor PQube, in partnership with German publisher ‘bitComposer games’, have confirmed the release date of 7th December 2012, the same day in 1941 saw the Japanese Imperial Navy launch an aerial attack on the US Navy base at Pearl Harbour. This very battle is the first mission encountered in the Campaign mode of the game and can be played from both the Japanese and US points of view.
Along with Pearl Harbour, other famous World War 2 Pacific missions can be played through, including the Battle of Midway and the Wake Island Raids, all with detailed historically accurate war machinery consisting of 3 aircraft carriers, 22 battle ships and 13 aircraft. Each battle contains multiple objectives, for which you will need to utilise different types of aircraft and skilled pilots. Aircrafts are chosen at the start of each battle, you can then control every aircraft in your squadron throughout that battle, being able to switch plane mid-battle, mid-air by a press of the button!
Air Conflicts Pacific Carriers combines real WW2 settings, vehicles and weapons with action arcade gameplay, in addition to flight-sim and strategy elements plus a compelling storyline. It shows much improvement to graphics and handling over its predecessor and offers in-depth game play with ‘Campaign’ mode, or a quick, immediate action fix with either ‘Survival’ mode, where you take control of your ship’s cannon turrets, or ‘Instant Battle’, where intense aerial combat ensues.
The game promises to feature innovative online multiplayer modes including ‘Sink the Carrier’, a unique take on traditional air combat multiplayer action, where each team is responsible for defending their aircraft carrier while simultaneously attempting to sink their opponents carrier. A well thought out strategy as to how and when to deploy your squadron is required in order to effectively attack and defend at the same time.
Air Conflicts Pacific Carriers will be available for PS3, Xbox 360 and PC.