Advertising Standards Authority finds Hello Games innocent regarding No Man’s Sky false advertising

Back in September, we informed you about¬†Advertising Standards Authority’s investigation regarding No Man’s Sky false advertising on Steam. Well, today Eurogamer revealed that the ASA ruled No Man’s Sky did not deceive or mislead its customers.

According to the complaints, the Steam store page features screenshots misrepresenting the graphical quality of the game, as well as videos depicting advanced animal behaviour, large-scale combat and ship-flying behaviour that were not in the final game.

The ASA claimed that, and based upon Hello Games’ assertion, No Man’s Sky is a procedurally generated game, meaning that players experience varies from playthrough to playthrough. As such, these screenshots and videos do not misrepresent the game given its procedurally generated nature.

“The summary description of the game made clear that it was procedurally generated, that the game universe was essentially infinite, and that the core premise was exploration

As such, we considered consumers would understand the images and videos to be representative of the type of content they would encounter during gameplay, but would not generally expect to see those specific creatures, landscapes, battles and structures.”

Those interested can read the complete investigation note here.