A Valley Without Wind – Version 1.1 Is Now Available

Arcen Games announced today the official release of A Valley Without Wind 1.1, available now as a free update for the procedurally-generated open world sidescroller through its various digital distributors. A Valley Without Wind is a 2D sidescroller without a linear path. An action game with tactical combat and strategic planning. An adventure game that lets you free-roam a vast, procedurally-generated world.
Version 1.1 features over 160 new room maps, 15 new regular enemies, 8 new minibosses, 16 new “elite” enemies (plus the idea of elites at all), 5 classes of infestations (plus the idea of infestations at all), a new “craggy highlands” region/biome type, 8 new music tracks, 5 new classes of player enchants, 3 new player spells, substantial rebalancement of most player spells, the ability to give “wait here” orders to NPCs in rescue missions.x, larger and more intricate continent designs, as well as rebalanced and streamlined strategic flow.
The game also comes with no more Civilization Progress (CP) in favor of better mechanics., one central in-game currency rather than six, a new “Opal Guardian Store” in settlements, loot drops from trash mobs, for use at the opal store, a better enchant-based system of upgrades in place of upgrade stones, new Feet enchant slot, splitting out items from the Legs slot, streamlined character selection/creation process, unique attributes for characters by time period, more enchant-like unique attributes for every individual character, heavily revised and rebalanced existing missions to player feedback, new Freefall and Boss Delve mission types, more rewards from doing secret missions, no penalties/drawbacks from doin world map missions, and more gradual ramp-up in difficulty of the harder mission types.
Make no mistake, the new features don’t end here as this latest version is a big overhaul of Arcen’s indie title. A Valley Without Wind 1.1 supports new spell scroll that you can find and use to turn yourself into tiny t-rex, a “shopping list” system helping you to keep track of your self-set goals, many improvements to the existing planning menu in general, smaller, more fun lieutenant towers filled with infestations, texture pack support, smoother minimap exploration, more fun and threatening windstorm mechanics, many new multiplayer admin commands (largely anti-griefing-related), vastly more fun ocean exploration, minor continent-wide bonuses from building settlement structures, longer durations on continent-wide guardian power scroll uses, filtering to the enchants inventory for vastly easier management of many enchants, improved elemental strengths/weaknesses for enemies in general, much better (completely randomized) elemental strengths/weaknesses for bosses) and 7 new achievements.