A Valley Without Wind 2 Beta Is A Go

A Valley Without Wind v2
Arcen Games announced that the beta for A Valley Without Wind 2 has arrived, and is now available on Steam for both PC and Mac. Those who purchase the title will receive instant access to the latest beta build, as well as a free copy of the original A Valley Without Wind.
The bundle deal also works the other way around, so anyone who purchases (or has purchased) the first game, gets the sequel for free. On top of all that, the package is 60% off for a limited time during Steam’s Holiday Sale. A pretty sweet deal.
A Valley Without Wind 2 can also be pre-ordered directly through the Arcen Store, with the same package deal attached to the purchase.
A Valley Without Wind 2 promises to bring a vast platforming adventure together with a compelling turn-based strategy game – all within a living, breathing world full of danger and surprises.
The game is basically a complete re-imagining that takes the best ideas from the first game and takes them to the next level. This time around, you play as a mage who has infiltrated the inner circle of the evil overlord Demonaica in order to gain the power of immortality that he uses to terrorize the land.
Enjoy the game’s beta trailer below!
A Valley Without Wind 2 Beta Trailer