A Story About My Uncle – New Adventure Platformer Hits Steam May 28th

Our reader ‘Dakan45’ has informed us about a new first person adventure platformer that hits Steam on May 28th. A Story About My Uncle is described as a first person platforming adventure game about a boy who searches for his lost uncle, and ends up in a world he couldn’t imagine existed.

A Story About My Uncle will not feature violent content, will let players explore its world, will emphasize on its story and features a grappling hook as its big gameplay ace.

“The movement in A Story About My Uncle is a crucial part of its core gameplay – focusing on swinging through the world with a grappling hook that gives the player a wonderful sense of speed and freedom.”

Here are the game’s key features:

  • Grappling hook: An empowering mechanic that gives you a sensation of speed, flow and vertigo like you’ve never experienced before.

  • Explore the world: Visit a wonderful and exciting world – from paradisal caves, to lost civilizations and harsh, mystical landscapes.

  • Emphasis on story: While searching for your uncle you will meet creatures with stories and fates of their own. Take your time to explore the world to dig deeper into the narrative.

  • Non-violent: A Story About My Uncle is a First Person game, but it is driven by non-violent gameplay and a heavy emphasis on story and atmosphere.


A Story About My Uncle Official Gameplay Trailer