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3DFX re-enters the GPU market, shows off an RTX4090-killer with 30GB of VRAM at $1000

Now here is something that caught us off guard. 3DFX, the company that a lot of us loved back in the 90s, is re-entering the GPU market. Yeap, 3DFX is back baby and it’s here to compete against NVIDIA, AMD and Intel.

3DFX will release later this year the Voodoo 3DX23; a GPU that according to the company will be faster than NVIDIA’s almighty RTX 4090. To back up those claims, 3DFX showcased this GPU running Cyberpunk 2077 at native 4K with Psycho RT settings. Without any kind of re-constructions, 3DFX’s GPU was able to push over 100fps. You can watch the video here.

What’s also crazy here is that the Voodoo 3DX23 will be priced at only $999.99. In a market saturated with expensive graphics cards, the Voodoo 3DX23 will be a breath of fresh air. 3DFX will also equip this new GPU with 30GB of GDDR6X video memory. And yes, this new GPU will also excel at Ray Tracing. In fact, 3DFX claims that it can offer up to 1.5X better RT performance than the RTX4090.

3DFX will release the Voodoo 3DX23 in Q3 2023. The company will also hold a pre-launch event at Gamescom 2023. What’s also crazy here is the first game that will be shown running on the Voodoo 3DX23. 3DFX and Crytek have partnered to showcase Crysis 4 running on this new GPU at Gamescom 2023. Crysis 4 will have a full path tracing renderer, and promises to bring back the “Can it run it Crysis” meme.

And yes, this is an April’s Fools joke and nothing more. Sorry but not sorry!