3D Realms classic titles coming to GOG – Terminal Velocity & Shadow Warrior Are Currently Available

GOG.com, the digital distributor who offers DRM-free games, announced today the addition of 3D Realms classics to their catalog, bringing games from one of the most important names in 90’s gaming to the service. Two fantastic shooters, Shadow Warrior and Terminal Velocity, are available right now for $5.99, while more classics from 3D Realms can be expected in the near future.
As the press release reads, 3D Realms, also known as Apogee Software, will be recognized forever as the company that created Lo Wang the Shadow Warrior, a mercenary/bodyguard that turns on his powerful employer after finding out that Zilla Corporation wants to conquer the world. Shadow Warrior is a first-person shooter filled with unforgettable one-liners and a certain disregard for the politically correct. Weapons used by Mr Wang include a katana, shurikens, two UZIs, sticky bombs, and many others. Shadow Warrior, bundled with two expansions Wanton Destruction and Twin Dragon, is available for download right now for $5.99 for your PC and Mac!
Gamers who-years ago-first controlled the TV-202 and used ION, RTL, MAM, SAD, SWT, and DAM against PDCs sent by ASFAR in 2704 A.D. will be extremely happy to learn that the first/third-person space shooter Terminal Velocity is available right now on GOG.com for only $5.99. In a distant future Perimeter Defense Computers constructed by the Alliance of Space-Faring Alien Races direct all their forces to attack Earth, and the player piloting an advanced fighter TV-202 is the last defense of human race. Terminal Velocity abandoned the traditional corridor-based style of shooters to deliver a completely new mix of speed, action, and full freedom of flying.
That’s not all that’s coming from 3D Realms to GOG.com in the coming weeks, so stay tuned to see what else GOG.com has to offer from the famed game maker.