2D Horror Platformer ‘Grimind’ Gets A Demo; Pre-Orders Are Now Available

Pawel Mogila has informed us about the release of a demo for his upcoming 2D horror platformer, Grimind. Grimind is a game that is inspired by titles such asAmnesia: The Dark Descent, Super Meat Boy and Limbo, and is slated for release at the end of this year on the PC. In Grimind, players take the role of an unidentified creature that wakes up in some caves, and their goal is to pass obstacles and solve non trivial puzzles to get out of the game’s scary environments.
Grimind promises to feature dynamic gameplay combined with a frightening experience, physics based gameplay as every single dynamic object can be dragged, carried or thrown which gives you enormous freedom, and narration elements as the main character is talking, telling the player what he’s feel, if he’s scared, or what he is thinks about the current situation. In addition, Grimind is said to be a challenging title.
Those interested can download its demo from here. Pre-orders are also available via the game’s official website.
Furthermore, Pawel is trying to bring Grimind to Steam, meaning that people can vote for it on Steam Greenlight.
Grimind Gameplay Trailer