2.5D Sidescroller “Final Exam” Now Available On The PC, Velocity Ultra Coming This Christmas

Final Exam

Sidescroller fans, get ready for exciting news. Mighty Rocket Studios has released its 2.5D sidescroller, Final Exam, on the PC while FuturLab’s Velocity Ultra, one of the most successful PlayStation scrolling shooters ever, is being brought to the PC this Christmas.

Final Exam is a concentrated, explosive cocktail of fun: alone or in cooperative mode (4 players online and 2 in local play), you will have to survive the attacks of packs of monsters trying to skin you alive, while trying to complete original and varied objectives throughout huge, non-linear levels. Pick your character, smash the record high scores and level up your character: unlock new weapons and gain new special attacks and devastating skills! Unleash your most impressive combos to pulverize both the monsters and your friends’ high scores, and climb up the official online rankings.

Those interested can purchase Final Exam from its official website.

The PC version of Velocity Ultra, on the other hand, is being developed by Curve Studios, a developer known for converting PC indie titles over to PlayStation formats, having worked on the PlayStation versions of Lone Survivor, Proteus and Thomas Was Alone this year.

Curve Studios managing director, Jason Perkins said:

“Bringing Velocity Ultra to the PC is a project we’re really proud to be involved with. Vertical shooters are a genre that has traditionally been under-served on the PC – despite a huge demand for interesting, unique shooters on the platform – and Velocity is one of the best ever made.”

Curve are working very closely with FuturLab to ensure the PC version maintains the pitch-perfect controls and sharp art style of the PlayStation original.

Jason Perkins added:

“We’re not new to PC development, having released Stealth Bastard Deluxe to critical acclaim last year. We’re paying special attention to the little details that make a PC version great, including fully customisable controls and excellent HD graphics running at a smooth 60 FPS.”


Velocity Ultra Gameplay