Ocean's Heart feature

16-bit top-down action RPG, Ocean’s Heart, is coming to the PC in early 2021

Nordcurrent and Max Mraz today announced they are bringing their newest IP, Ocean’s Heart, to Steam in early 2021. Ocean’s Heart will be a beautiful pixel-art 16-bit top-down adventure RPG. And in case you did not know, Max Mraz is the developer behind Zeldalike tribute to Bloodborne, Yarntown.

In this RPG, players will explore a detailed and spirited world, brimming with secrets hidden within misty forests, isolated mountain peaks and saltwater marshes. Players will assume the role of Tilia; a young woman whose father and best friend have been kidnapped by the ruthless pirate, Blackbeard. While following their trail through the ruins of a flooded kingdom, Tilia encounters a vast wilderness where she will discover powerful artifacts, unravel pirate conspiracies, sail across the sea, and battle fearsome monsters using various weapons and ancient magic.

Ocean’s Heart promises to have unique and meaningful sidequests and intriguing mysteries. Tilia must gather various items along her journey to craft potions. Tilia will also be able to upgrade her weapons and expand her ever-growing arsenal. Furthermore, she can increase her skills to fight boss adversaries and survive deadly dungeons.

Art?ras Surgutanovas, Head of Marketing from Nordcurrent, said:

“Ocean’s Heart draws inspiration from the captivating 90s adventure RPGs that so many of us grew up with, but with a more intricate storyline than many of the classics featured. The game aims to both pay homage to the greatness of the originals while still advancing the genre through the many sidequests, puzzles, upgrades, bosses and dungeons. If you feel nostalgia for action-RPG or action adventure games that focus on exploration, then Ocean’s Heart is for you!”


Ocean's Heart Official Announcement Trailer