Turok 2 Seeds of Evil feature

Turok 2 Plus Mod brings numerous gameplay enhancements to this classic dino FPS

Modder ‘|Totalitarian|’ has released a cool mod for the classic dino FPS, Turok 2, that adds a number of gameplay enhancements. Additionally, it packs subtle graphics enhancements, like better weapon textures, gore, lighting, and other effects.

Going into more details, Turok 2 Plus brings faster movement speed, and the ability to double jump. It also features new alternate fire modes, better balance, and new weapon effects.

Furthermore, there are some AI improvements for enemies. For instance, more cave worms utilize their burrowing ability. More Endtrails can also use their cloaking device (and their animation has been slightly sped up).

You can download Turok 2 Plus from here. Below you can also find a video that highlights the key features of this mod.

Have fun!

Turok 2 Plus Release Trailer