CONTROL E3 2019 screenshot 6

This Mod for Remedy’s CONTROL adds Native HDR and Ultrawide support

Filippo Tarpini has released a new mod for CONTROL that adds native HDR and Ultrawide support to it. This is a must-have mod for everyone that has an HDR monitor, and we highly recommend downloading it.

Furthermore, this mod adds a new “Max” texture settings to improve the slow texture streaming. By using it, players can eliminate (or at least minimize) the low-resolution textures that can appear in the game. Not only that but the mod fixes a launcher issue that affected Intel Arc GPUs.

You can download this HDR Mod from here. Below you can also find its complete changelog.

CONTROL HDR Mod Release Notes

  • Native HDR (improves color accuracy/banding, allows greater contrast and brighter highlights).
  • Upgraded DLSS to 2.5.1 and improve its implementation (people reported this is compatible with FSR 2.1 injection)
  • Added a new “Max” texture setting to improve the slow texture streaming.
  • Full UltraWide support: unlock any resolution and aspect ratio, including 32:9+.
  • Fixed UI issues at non 16:9 aspect ratios (e.g. enemies health bars were displaced).
  • Some FOV and LOD fixes for UW.
  • Improved window+borderless+fullscreen management.
  • Fixed the launcher (and game) failing to find your DX12 card if it wasn’t Nvidia or AMD (e.g. Intel Arc GPUs).
  • Minor fixes and feature