Lies of P in-game screenshot

This Lies of P Mod introduces accurate vertical mouse movement

Modder ‘zetto’ has released a must-have mod for Lies of P that introduces accurate vertical mouse movement. This mod is a must for everyone who plays this latest Souls-like game with the keyboard and mouse.

For those unaware, the vertical mouse sensitivity in Lies of P does not match the horizontal one. No matter how you tweak the in-game settings, you cannot get an accurate mouse movement. And, thankfully, this mod addresses this issue.

You can download the Accurate Vertical Mouse Sensitivity Mod for Lies of P from here.

Speaking of Lies of P, earlier this month, modder LukeFZ released a free DLSS 3 Frame Generation Mod for it. This mod will allow you to enable DLSS 3 Frame Generation on the RTX 40 series GPUs so that you can get even higher framerates.

As I said before, Lies of P did not really need a DLSS 3 Mod. After all, the game runs incredibly well on a wide range of PC configurations. Nevertheless, it’s a pleasant welcome.

Last month, Round8 also released a new patch for this Souls-like game. Patch brought a number of balance tweaks, de-buffed some bosses, and increased the health of your specter. These balance tweaks were essential as some bosses had ridiculous health, requiring the player to grind or use specific weapons.

Stay tuned for more!