Atomic Heart Twin Sisters

First Atomic Heart Mods add Custom FOV, DLAA support & Walk Mode

Focus Entertainment released its latest first-person shooter, Atomic Heart, on PC last week. And, since the game uses Unreal Engine 4, the first mods for it have appeared online. And no, there is still no mod for the header image (oh you know what we’re talking about).

Anyway, the first mod we present you today adds some custom FOV modes. This mod is a must-have for those that want a wider FOV, so make sure to download it. Additionally, Mundfish is already working on a patch that will add an official FOV slider to the game.

Then we have the DLSSTweaks Mod. This a wrapper DLL that can force DLAA onto most DLSS-supported games, along with tweaking scaling ratios & DLSS 3.1 presets.

Lastly, there is a QoL Tweaks Mod that you can download from here. This mod features custom FOV, enables high animation budget and adds a Walk Mode. The “High animation budget” should theoretically resolve the game’s 30fps animations that can be observed in cut-scenes. On the other hand, the new Walk Mode will allow you to slowly explore the game’s environments.

Lastly, make sure to read our PC Performance Analysis for this game!