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Elden Ring Mod attempts to fix the stuttering issues on Intel’s latest CPUs

Modder ‘DevourerPi’ has released a new mod for Elden Ring that attempts to fix the game’s stuttering issues. This mod basically resets CPU affinity each and every time you run it, and is based on a solution discovered by YouTube’s ‘thsea4021’.

Now as I’ve said numerous times, I never experienced any stuttering issues in Elden Ring. And the reason why I haven’t experienced such issues is because the Intel Core i9 9900K only has performance-cores.

As ‘thsea4021’ claimed in an update, disabling the e-cores on the latest Intel CPUs can completely eliminate the stuttering issues. Thus, and if you don’t have the e-cores enabled, you won’t need this mod. Similarly, you won’t experience any stutters if your CPU only has performance-cores. In other words, older Intel CPUs and all AMD CPUs do not suffer from this issue.

Since I’ve seen users reporting stuttering issues in other games too, I suggest disabling the e-cores for those games too. That is of course if you own an Intel 12XXX or 13XXX CPU. And this is one of the reasons why I’m not fun of the performance-cores and e-cores of the latest Intel CPUs.

But anyway, if you don’t want to disable the e-cores, you can download the mod from here!

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