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DRIV3R gets a Definitive Edition Mod that you can download

Modder ‘Zombie2358’ has released a Definitive Edition Mod for DRIV3R that is a must-have for everyone that wants to replay this old Driver game.

DRIV3R Definitive Edition fixes a lot of issues that plagued the PC version. Moreover, it introduces some new HD textures and improves the draw distance for some objects. Furthermore, it packs a number of UI improvements, as well as fixes for interiors, EAX and Graphics Layers.

In future versions, the modder plans to improve the game’s LOD and fully implement Cop Boats. Additionally, Zombie2358 plans to add HD Vehicles Interiors.

Those interested can download DRIV3R Definitive Edition from here. Do note that its installation guide is a bit long, so brace yourselves for it.

Lastly, you can find below a video that shows off some of the key features of this mod.

DRIV3R: Definitive Edition Comparison | Zombie2358