Dino Crisis 2 feature

Dino Crisis 2 Rex-HD Project Preview Pack available for download

SolidFireGaming has just released a preview version of the HD Texture Pack for Dino Crisis 2. This HD Texture project, called Dino Crisis 2 Rex-HD Project, aims to overhaul the pre-rendered backgrounds.

In order to showcase the improvements that this mod brings to the table, SolidFireGaming the following comparison video. And, as you can see, this pack can significantly improve the game’s backgrounds. Moreover, it retains the art style of the original backgrounds (so my guess is that the modder used AI techniques in order to upscale the original textures).

Dino Crisis 2 Rex-HD Project Preview Pack Release Trailer

This HD Texture Pack is for the PC version of Dino Crisis 2, and you can download its preview version from here. From what I remember, the PC version of Dino Crisis 2 was a mess. So yeah, I believe that the game also desperately needs a QoL Patch/Mod.

In somehow related news, Sean Herron announced a new third-person dinosaur game, called Primal Omen. This game appears to be inspired by the Dino Crisis games, which is why I’ve also included its debut trailer below.


Primal Omen Reveal Trailer