Battlefield 1942 HD Remaster Overhaul Mod

Battlefield 1942 gets an 11GB HD Graphics Overhaul Remaster Mod

Modder ‘ScureHD’ has released a brand new version of the Graphics Overhaul Remaster Mod for Battlefield 1942. This new version is around 11GB in size, and will significantly improve the graphics of this classic BF game.

Going into more details, this graphics overhaul mod contains texture updates (including terrain, skybox, environment, vegetation, vehicle and weapon textures) up to 4096×4096 resolution. There are also other tweaks like increased in-engine specular lights and environmental reflections. Not only that, but the mod increases the game’s render distance and LOD quality.

What’s also important to note is that the mod does not use any AI techniques for its higher-quality textures. Instead, the modder reworked by hand all of the textures.

Those interested can download the mod from here. Below you can find a comparison video and some comparison screenshots, as well as the key features of this mod.

Battlefield 1942 - 4k graphics mod COMPARISON (ver 0.9+)

Battlefield 1942 Graphics Overhaul Mod Key Features

    • Up to 4k resolution textures (Multiplayer compatible except for skybox and water textures)
      Including: Terrain, environment, buildings, vegetation, particles, skybox, weapons, vehicles, planes, etc
    • High resolution and redesigned surface maps on some levels
    • Better LOD quality and object culling: Models and terrain appears earlier and/or in better quality.
    • Higher render distance, lower fog distance
    • More models/objects in some maps
      Including: Vegetation, buildings and other small models
    • Disabled “billboard” textures: Instead proper vegetation textures used even at far distances
    • Enabled and tweaked specular light on some models. (Multiplayer compatible)
    • Enabled reflection on some tanks, planes, helmets, weapons or windows. (Multiplayer compatible)
    • Enabled vegetation sway on all original trees, palms and bushes.
    • Tweaked particle effects
    • Custom water and normal maps on some levels.
    • Lightmap enabled on “ships”. (Multiplayer compatible). This is fixed by dgVoodoo.
    • Advanced shaders by ReShade. (Multiplayer compatible). Tonemap, Coloring, bloom, god-ray, AMD CAS.
    • Minor cfg tweaks: (Multiplayer compatible)
      Lower mip map setting. Textures appear sharper.

      Lower LOD settings. Some models appear in better quality at far distances.
      More dynamic shadows.

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